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"One Less CBD" Giveaway Contest Rules

I'm partnering with "ONE LESS CBD" to giveaway a FULL SIZE jar of their CBD Inflammation cream. Its a cream that ACTUALLY help my Fibro pain!

Contest Results

Can privileged healthy people please try to give a f***?

I'm asking a question directly to people with the privilege of health about their behaviors and how they effect the medically vulnerable in the time of Covd-19.

This is a time for Social Justice and Change!

I'm asking the question, "Can We be Racist to Our Own Race?".
Whether we have an #invisibleillness or an ethnicity that can't be "seen" (#UndercoverLatina), wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to explain ourselves?

Listen in to Talia's interview Jessie Fritz at "Chronically Healing"

An upbeat chat about growing up, and into, life with Fibromyalgia, current social justice issues, and the parallel experience of being gaslighted in racism and ableism.

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