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Let's Talk

I look forward to hearing from you! Contact me by sending a message or reaching out through my “chat” feature with questions you may have about our shared Fibromyalgia experience. I’ll do my best to refer you to useful resources, current medical research, or just a few Instagram accounts to make you smile today.

How can I help?

The list of tests, medications, and social struggles I’ve experienced is longer than I’d care to admit. The last 21+ years winding my way through the teenage experience, college life, and adulthood with Fibro has taught me what can (and cannot) work towards a full life with it. My career as a social worker has equipped me to use ingenuity to be helpful for others with this illness.

Speaking Engagements

Are you part of a support group? Maybe serve patients at a pain management center? I’d love to come and talk with you and your group members or colleagues about how we can live a great life with Fibromyalgia. 

Here are just a few things we can talk about:

  • What we have to give up, (high heels, careers, relationships)

  • Advocating for ourselves

  • Maneuvering our unique healthcare system

  • Dating with a chronic illness

  • Medication experiences

  • Dealing with friends and family who may not understand or believe us

  • Symptoms not widely known that are associated with Fibro

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