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Do More Than Just Survive Chronic Illness.


Hi, I'm Talia!
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    I only hope to be a place for resources, recommendations, and community connections. ​ There are no quick fixes, no one size fits all treatment or diet because no two people’s Fibro is the same. Therefore, this is a place to discover resources to help you in your trial-and-error journey to find what works best for YOU! Feel free to reach out for a one-on-one chat with me. ​ I believe we can have fabulous, gratifying lives not despite our illness, but because of it!

With my education in both Social Work and Culinary Arts, and having Primary Fibromyalgia since the age of 15, I have a unique perspective on life with a Chronic Invisible Illness and disability. Through that formal training and my own struggles, I work to use my experience to bolster those living a life different from what you expected. Navigating a “new normal” with brain fog, chronic fatigue, and an arduous medical system is a challenge I understand.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, or an O.G. like me, I’d love to support you through examples of delicious, healthy eating and forging a sense of community as you traverse life with illness. I am not selling a service or product to my fellow Spoonies.


Fresh Baked!


A selection of treats are available for pick up here in Seattle!

Take a look at the Fresh Baked goodies available and use the form for a quote or to place an order!

Talia Miele- Apricot and Almond Rugelach

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Spoonie mag, issue 1

The FIRST Issue of

"Spoonie Mag",

by the awesome folks at Chronic Hope! 

Increase Your Awareness



Here you'll find links for discount Rxs, info on alternative medicines, and your rights with Fibromyalgia.



Dive into the research and studies which can help answer questions and dispel myths.



Our Invisible Illness Warrior community is spread across the globe. Let's inspire each other!

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